In strategy, Vongolo offers practical and road tested approaches to develop a compelling vision for the future, a clear understanding of its challenges and creative and inspiring ways to arrive at winning strategies. For leadership, Vongolo translates strategic direction into desired leadership capabilities, both in skills and behaviours, and designs initiatives to grow these capabilities. To realise company-wide engagement and cultural transformation of the chosen strategies, Vongolo designs and hosts a variety of original and inspiring in-company dialogues and experiences, both live and digital.


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Strategy Consulting

a compelling vision + clear directions + leadership agility = winning strategies

Strategic success starts with a compelling vision. As obvious as that sounds, this is easier said than done. How do you create a vision? How do you ensure it is compelling? And how do we turn our vision into a strategy that is robust to the ever changing reality of the world around us?

Winning strategies are a combination of a compelling vision that excites and ignites the organisation, a set of clear directions and choices, and last, but not least, the leadership capabilities to follow through on these ideas.

To support the organision in this process, we offer a range of approaches and tools to ignite a strategic dialogue, which leads the organisation from discovery to strategic decisions, and from setting direction to developing new leadership practices to support the new strategy.


For some concrete ideas, please visit our Propositions page.


Public Speaking


Executive Development


Leadership Programs

develop the complete leader, from visionary to authentic


We design leadership programs to fit the needs of your organization. Starting with an assessment of your situation, and the possible changes you would like to bring about, we craft out a program that helps grow your leaders to a new level.

Although the content of these programs are custom-fit, our designs always stand out in creativity, originality and provide a great blend of learning, reflection, practice and fun. Tell us your wishes, and we are happy to provide you with a sketch of our ideas.



stretch the creative boundaries


Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We dwell on it. This is a field where imagination and creativity on the one hand, meets structure and discipline on the other. Reconciling both angles brings a powerful blend of innovative processes that create unique solutions for your clients, inspire your workforce to think out-of-the-box and bring about a culture in which change and reframing is the norm, not the exception.


On-line Services

maintaining the continuous in-house strategic dialogue


One of our unique angles towards strategy development and change, is our rich set of proven on-line services. They serve to diagnose pain points, host strategic dialogues, strengthen exploration started in live events and provide an on-line practice field to experiment with new behaviours. In addition, our Rapid Development Team can quickly put together an on-line service that fits the needs of your initiative. Whether it is a community, a survey, an inspiration café or a personal development site, we can rapidly develop the on-line services needed to strengthen live interventions we have designed for you.