Our client engagements vary in form and shape. Here is just a glimpse of what we have done recently.


Ivy League US-based Business University

For a group of 47 leaders of US financial institutions, we ran an afternoon and evening session. At first we focused on Raising Visionary Capacity, and we concluded in the evening with a highly interactive session and practicefield on Visionary Communication.


Large Europen Financial Institution

For a large european financial institution, we developed and facilitated over 100 workshops (1.5 day, 30 leaders per session) for the top 3500 leaders of the organisation, including the most senior leadership cadres. This workshop was part of a larger leadership development campaign and focused on facilitating a future-oriented learning dialogue through FutureFacts™, developing the leaders visionary capacity through FuturePriming™ and (on occasion) providing an experiential session on Scenario Planning.


US-based BioTech Company

For a dynamic, international bio tech company, we hosted a 100 people learning event around the future of biotech. Participants experienced FuturePriming™ at first hand, and had a brief experiential session on Scenario Planning.


International Leasing Company

For an internationally operating leasing company, we facilitated a full day of future engagement for their 50 HR leaders during the annual HR conference. Participants focused on the future of HR, exploring change and discontinuities that might occur in the work force and all related dimensions.

The design of this session was based on Remember the Future, Scenario Planning and FuturePriming™.


Reknown European Business University

For a group of 21 CxO's, we ran a highly engaging 3-hour workshop on raising visionary capacity. The group praised the session with an extraordinary high evaluation score and comments such as 'Eye opener on how to look at future developments' and 'Inspiring View'.